How Do I Track My Expenses?

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Hey, Abe! I have been gathering my expenses for the upcoming tax year, but I am getting all turned around when I try to ensure that everything is included. Where do I need to start with expenses, and what all factors in to the business?Tax season can be a stressful time as a business owner. Fortunately, [...]

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Electronically Signing Your Tax Return: How Does It Work?

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Once your tax return has been prepared, an Abacus professional will contact you to discuss the results of your return. You will receive an encrypted email that contains a link for you to be able to review and sign your tax return. Once you have completed this process, we will then be able to electronically file [...]

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What if I miss the tax-filing deadline?

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Hey, Abe! Things have been pretty busy with my business, and it’s looking like I may not be able to file in time. Should I be worried? What do I need to do? You are not alone. It isn’t easy balancing the workload when you are self-employed. Fortunately, the IRS understands this as well and gives [...]

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Social Security Taxability

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Every year, Abacus CPAs serves people that are in retirement, and every year, some still have to pay taxes on their Social Security benefits. Not everyone pays taxes on Social Security, and the amount of tax you will be assessed on your benefits is dependent upon other income you received throughout the year. Only those that [...]

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