What COVID-19 means for your IRS Payments

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You know when you go on vacation or are over the road for extended periods, and you come home, and the mailbox is SO full you can barely open it. Well, with the global pandemic going on with COVID -19, the IRS has tons of mail. No, they weren’t on vacation, but due to the pandemic, [...]

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Cryptocurrency and your Taxes

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Have you heard of cryptocurrency? Chances are you have come across the term before, but have you ever wondered what cryptocurrency is and how it’s treated for tax purposes? Let’s dive into cryptocurrency and try to answer these questions below. What is cryptocurrency? The most common definition of cryptocurrency, otherwise known as virtual currency or digital [...]

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Considering a Second Business under your LLC

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Hey Abe! Can I run a second business under my trucking LLC? Abe: Oooh, Thanks for asking this one. The answer to this question is technically yes, however it is often not wise to run multiple businesses under the same single-member Limited Liability Company (LLC). Here are a few reasons why: First, you must consider what [...]

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