Running your business well is great, but to truly OWN IT and recognize what that means will be the difference between just getting by year after year and/or really succeeding. When you manage your business profits and your business’s financial responsibilities with an owner’s mentality you will likely see growth, as you will no longer have to keep looking back and what wasn’t done. YOU have all the power, you work hard to earn your living, take care of your future as well by being prepared for it.

All businesses want to be profitable and see growth, but not all business owners realize that along with all that success comes a financial responsibility to prepare for and pay their taxes. Paying taxes has never been a popular thing to do, it also is something most business owners pay others to assist them with, but the keyword is: ASSIST! The owner still absolutely has the obligation to save back the tax monies and make sure the tax is paid timely (quarterly/annually).

At Abacus CPAs, we strive to provide our clients with an accurate product and with the support they need to make better business decisions. Throughout the year we prepare quarterly estimated tax projections for our clients in order to help keep them on track with how much to be saving and paying in for taxes. We prepare these estimates and the tax returns with all the information we have access to and that is provided to us. We pride ourselves in not taking things just at face value but rather digging deeper and asking more questions in order to ensure we have captured all we can to prepare an honest and complete tax return for our clients. But the client must take it from there. It is up to the business owner to have provided complete information, saved back the amount due for taxes, and then pay their taxes on time.

No one will care more or have more invested in your business than you do, the owner,  but oftentimes business owners can take a backseat to what it means to really own all aspects of their business. Specifically, the management of the business profits and the responsibility they have regarding those profits. We at Abacus CPAs want to encourage you and support you in those areas by providing you with the services and guidance you need to be successful.

At Abacus CPAs, our focus is you! We believe that our employees and clients deserve to interact in an environment that fosters growthtrust, and confidence. Abacus™ professionals provide leadership by relentlessly pursuing the best guidance possible so those we serve can make smarter decisions.  

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