Once your tax return has been prepared, an Abacus professional will contact you to discuss the results of your return. You will receive an encrypted email that contains a link for you to be able to review and sign your tax return. Once you have completed this process, we will then be able to electronically file your return.

The e-signature process is generally user-friendly, however there may be situations that arise where you may have questions. We’ll go through five of those situations below:

Q: If after opening the link I accidently close the window, can I re-open it or come back to it later?

A: The answer is no. Once you have opened the link and answered the security questions, you must review and sign your tax return at that time. Once you’ve closed the window the link will become invalid. If this happens, please contact an Abacus tax professional and we can resend you the link.

Q: What happens if I answer the security questions incorrectly?

A: If you do not answer the security questions correctly, it will not allow you to proceed to the section where you can review and sign your tax return. If this happens, please contact an Abacus tax professional and we can resend you the link.

Q: If I electronically sign my tax return now, can my spouse sign it in a few hours when they get off work?

A: Great question, and this is a very common scenario. The answer is that you and your spouse must open the link within 10 minutes of each other or else the link will expire, and the signatures will become invalid. Try and coordinate a time when you and your spouse can open the separate links you’ve each received at or around the same time.

Q: How long after Abacus has sent my e-signature do I have to open the link and sign for my return?

A: There is no rush to initially to open the link as that will remain valid for 7 days after it has been sent.

Q: If, after reviewing my return, I find something on the tax return that I think needs to be corrected, what should I do?

A: Excellent question! If this happens, you will want to contact an Abacus tax professional immediately and discuss with them any questions or concerns that you have in regard to the tax return. You will also at that point want to hold off on electronically signing until all your questions have been answered and/or corrections have been made.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 417-380- 5000 or email us at transportation@abacus.cpa.