Planning and mapping out a 10-hour drive is something that I have enjoyed doing on more than a few occasions in my life. This type of journey requires the forethought of deciding what time to wake up, how many stops to make along the way, and the ideal amount of caffeine to consume. Usually, I find these treks to be enjoyable but also draining. When I finally arrive at my destination, I feel like I just finished climbing a mountain and usually need a good meal and some extra recovery time. For me, this is a few times a year, but for the professional truck driver, this is everyday life.

So, how can you stay healthy while still having this rigorous daily agenda? It can be challenging to maintain wellness with an on-the-road lifestyle.  There are areas to consider related to health and well-being, and those can be broken down into physical, mental, and spiritual.

Physical Wellness

Sitting in the same seat all day is something that no doctor in the world recommends. This is why it is essential to capitalize on whatever fitness centers or gyms you can access during your travels. Even if it’s just for a brief time during the day, getting in physical activity, whether by stretching, lifting, or running, can help balance the solitary aspect of the job.

Mental Wellness

You can achieve a positive mindset by staying connected with family and friends by maintaining open lines of communication. Some of my best hands-free calls with my family have been while I was driving. It worked because I focused my attention on them (and, of course, the road). There was nothing else to distract from a good conversation with them. Keeping these lines of communication open promotes connectedness and positivity, which are significant proponents of mental well-being.

Spiritual Wellness

The role spirituality plays in a person’s life is unique to every individual. Whether it be your faith, religion, or just core values that are your guiding force, staying in tune with these fundamentals can significantly impact and help shape a healthy perspective and sense of well-being.

Health and wellness will inevitably play a prominent role in your career, no matter your profession. Wellness is an element that often goes overlooked, and these approaches can positively contribute towards a healthy lifestyle for life on the open road.

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