At some point, you may need to speak with a Client Service Representative.  You could have a question, need to resolve an issue, or need information.  You will feel more successful (and less stressed!) when you understand the best way to complete your call, work with your Client Service Rep and get an effective resolution.  By using the strategies below, you can make the most of your time with the expert – your Client Service Rep.

List your Questions and Needs in Advance

To best prepare for your phone call, write down what you need to accomplish.  You could have multiple questions, need help with software, or troubleshoot a problem.  When you write your items down, in advance, you are more likely to cover all needed information and get the answers you need.  You can even start the call by sharing that you have a list of items you need to cover.  The Client Service Rep will appreciate your planning and you should have a much more productive conversation.

Stay Calm and Share Specifics

Even if you’re frustrated, you’ll want to do your best to remain calm.  If it’s helpful, you can say, “I’m feeling (this way) about (this thing) and I need help to understand and solve this problem.  When you remain calm and can specifically state what is causing your frustration, you are more likely to receive a resolution, ideas, and support from the Client Service Rep on the line with you.  It’s ok to be frustrated, but it’s important to remain calm in this situation and ask for help (instead of demanding or yelling that you need help).

Ask For Options and Guidance

You may not know the solution you need, but when you are calling a Client Service Rep, you’re speaking with the expert. This professional has been trained to answer your questions, help you with solutions and provide options, information, and advice to provide better guidance.  If needed, share your current problem and ask, “What would you recommend?” or “What are my options in this situation?”

Talk about Follow-Up

There may be items you need to share with your Client Service Rep or they may need to send you a message with more information.  Before you end your communication, ask for information regarding the next steps.  Remember to ask for deadlines – when do you need to submit your items or when can you expect a follow-up message from them.  You should also request a follow-up email, this way you have a documented follow-up that you can reference later to ensure the reason for the call has been completed.

Commend Great Service

If you’ve had bad service experiences in the past, then you know it’s not only important, it’s vital, to commend great service experiences. Check your follow-up email for the details of your conversation and see if there is an option listed to share positive feedback.  If not, visit the company website to share a positive experience (even if you have to list it in the “contact us” section).  Sure, it’s a little extra work, but the few extra moments you spend sharing your great experience will help your Client Service Rep – improve their day and reinforce their value-added interaction with you.  Plus, you’ll feel better too!

When you understand how to best use your opportunity and time with a Client Service Rep, you’ll have more productive interactions with their company.  You’ll also usually be able to resolve your issue quicker and more effectively, which should also improve your day!

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