Growing your business and stewarding the environment both require good resource management. In both areas you need to grow your resources, reduce waste, and make wise investments.

Drive for your bottom line

Following best fuel efficiency practices will save you money on fuel and the lower speed will make your tires last longer. This will mean fewer tires in the landfill, lower emissions, and more profit per mile. Regular maintenance and tire rotation will keep you in good shape too!

Plan your meals – and your snacks

A little investment in healthy eating can yield multiple benefits! Crockpot meals can provide you with easy satisfying food, which will keep you from snacking and save you from spending restaurant meals. The long term financial benefits of maintaining your health can be huge – hospital bills take a big bite out of your bottom line!

Pre prepping and packing your snacks allows you to choose portion sizes and make healthy choices beforehand. Buying bigger packages cuts out a lot of individual packaging, especially if you use reusable containers.

Go digital

If you aren’t already paperless, work to eliminate paper on your truck and in your life. You can bank on line, pay bills online, fill and sign documents on line, and organize your receipts online. Not only are you saving a few trees, you are reducing clutter on the truck, and making it easier to manage your life wherever you are.

Be sure that you have secure cloud backup so that you don’t lose your data if you lose your device, and you may never lose a receipt again! No more paying for faxes, no more missed write-offs due to lost proof, no need to buy and maintain a printer!

Better Guidance from Abacus CPAs

Abacus CPAs encourages all drivers to utilize online options whenever possible and prudent. The more you can do online, the more mobile – and green – you become.

Abacus CPAs Can Help Make This Easy

At Abacus CPAs, we work to make sure all of your documents are stored securely in the cloud. This helps you to be a little more green and ensures you can access your information from anywhere. For more information about our secure document storage, or other ways we help you to be more green, contact us at 417.380.5000 or

At Abacus CPAs, our focus is you! Contact us today if you need help or more information on this valuable topic. Abacus™ professionals provide leadership by relentlessly pursuing the best guidance possible so those we serve can make smarter decisions.  

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