What You Need to Know About Dependents: Child Tax Credit

If you have a qualifying dependent that qualifies for child tax credit on your 2021 income tax return, you will need to reconcile any advanced child tax credit payments you received. Starting
in July of 2021 taxpayer with qualifying dependents were generally eligible to claim one-half of the dependents child tax credit in monthly installments. The monthly installments started in July
2021 and ended in December 2021. There was a bill proposed to extend that Advanced Child Tax Credit but at this time does not appear it will be passed however there are constant changes being
discussed that could affect taxpayer’s income tax returns in the future.

The Child Tax Credit has changed from 2020 to 2021.

Children Ages

2020 Prior Year Tax Filing

2021 Current Year Tax Filing

Children 5 & under

$2000: Only 1400 refundable $3600 refundable
Children 6 to 16 $2000: Only 1400 refundable

$3000 refundable

Children 17

$500 (non-refundable) $3000 refundable
Children 18 to 24* $500 (non-refundable)

$500 (non-refundable)

**Children 19 – 24 must be full time college students
***Amounts above are up to amounts and subject to limitations and other rules.

What does Non-Refundable mean?

A non-refundable tax credit along with other eligible credits can only reduce Income Tax (which is separate from self-employment and other taxes) to $0 and then the non-refundable portion if any remains will have no impact on the return.

What does Refundable credit mean?

After income tax has been reduced to $0 a refundable credit offsets additional tax if due and refunds any excess credit if available as a refund to the client.

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