Q: Abe! I was recently filling out my tax organizer and I saw that I can receive a copy of my tax return with something called Abacus Access. What is Abacus Access?

A:  Great question! Abacus Access is your online portal for viewing and exchanging any of your sensitive documents electronically. It is a great tool for sharing documents such as your tax returns, tax documents, or any other files exchanged with Abacus CPAs. Best of all, your Abacus Access account is included as part of our service.

Tax returns and tax documents typically should not be e-mailed, because these forms contain sensitive information such as your legal name, Social Security Number, address, and specific income information. Due to recent issues such as the Yahoo! and Gmail server hacks, criminals would have easy access to your information should they come across a tax return in an e-mail inbox.

At Abacus CPAs, we want to make sure we are still meeting the demand of being able to provide tax returns at your fingertips while not compromising the security of your personal information. Contact our office today at 417-380-5000 for more information regarding obtaining an Abacus Access account.

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