An entrepreneur/business person is a person who sets up a business. The term “businessperson” may refer to a founder, owner, or majority shareholder of a commercial enterprise; or it can characterize a high-level executive who does the everyday running and management of a company even if that executive is not the owner.

–  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This definition says nothing of what a businessperson must wear, there is no mandatory dress code or certificate required in how to tie a tie or speed walk in heels. This means, that every one of you that is running your own trucking business, whether as a sole proprietor or as an LLC, is considered a business person no matter how you dress or what your business is in! Beyond the definition would be the characteristics of a business person that would set you apart and set you up for success.

The characteristic I want to focus on is PROFESSIONALISM. Professionalism is something that you can apply to all aspects of life, but it is imperative to be professional when running a business. The way you present yourself both physically and intellectually is how the world will not only see you but how they will treat you. When conducting business, you want to provide the people you are buying, selling, or trading with a sense of confidence in your abilities; and right or wrong they will make judgments the instant they meet you. You are the only one in control of what that will be.

Owning your own business or being self-employed your reputation is your greatest advertisement. When you attend a meeting or take part in the transactions of the business with the consumer, you want to present your best self. This doesn’t mean a suit and tie or dress, as this would not be appropriate for this specific line of work or work environment, but it can mean your clothes are clean and they fit. A proactive business owner is someone who makes plans for the future; for the good, the bad, and the mundane. Time is an invaluable commodity in every business, but for the trucking industry is it everything. Planning ahead by calling and making appointments with your banker, accountant, doctor, dispatcher and etc. will save you time and frustration.. Plus, the people you need to meet with will be able to use your time more wisely, because they were prepared.

These two characteristics of a professional will enhance the already very successful businessperson’s career. Avoid the roadblocks people have in their minds by presenting yourself in a way that shows you are in fact running a business for a living not just driving a truck. Save yourself time and money by being proactive because trying to solve a problem after the fact is always more wasteful of these two things and no matter how you slice it there are only ever 24 hours in a day.

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