Becoming a small business owner requires next-level money management.

Here are a few ideas to make it easier for you:

Keep your Eyes on the Prize

You are working hard for a reason. 

Keep that in mind when you spend money. 

Whether you are buying a house or building a fleet, that big goal is your north star. Any time you spend money, ask yourself: “Is this taking me closer to my goal?” Make your decision with that in mind.  

Make Success Automatic

Make your money plan and set up recurring transfers to fund your accounts and recurring payments to pay your bills. A system that carries on without action from you is more reliable and easier to maintain. Be sure to review your accounts regularly to make sure it’s working the way you want!

Different Pots for Different Purposes

We think about money differently depending on where we put it. Money set aside for a specific purpose, that is less easy to access, is easier to save.

Saving For Taxes

You can set up your direct deposit so that 20-30% goes straight to your tax account. If you have an LLC, this will need to be a business savings account.

Business Accounts

Funds for your business are deposited here first. Paying business expenses from one account will make them easier to track.

Personal/Household Expenses

  1. Set a budget for personal expenses, including spending money.
  2. Transfer from your business account to cover that budget plus a small pad.
  3. Keep excess money out of your personal account to limit impulse spending. 

Personal Savings

You can’t meet your goals and weather emergencies without money. A regular transfer from your business account will grow your savings reliably.

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