Hi Abe! I am wanting to maximize my tax savings and ensure I am taking full advantage of breaks for business owners and those in the transportation industry. Is there anything that I am missing?

Great question. Whether you are a Lease or Owner Operator, it’s important to keep in mind that you are a business owner! Anytime you are making a business purchase, remember the IRS definition for a qualifying business expense: “Ordinary & Necessary.” See below for some of the most common items and ensure you are recording all business expenses on your cash expense records:

  • Per Diem – One of the most important expenses to keep track of; simply report the number of days you are away from home while you are operating. Transportation can currently claim 100% of the Federal rate. That’s $69 a day to cover meals and personal expenses!*
  • Communication – You are a business owner and as such need your cell phone to operate! Be sure to include your phone bill, and consider other communication related expenses such as Dash Cams, GPS units, headsets, etc.
  • Safety & Weather Gear – While daily wear clothes do not fit the definition of “Ordinary & Necessary,” be thinking about this category. HiVis clothing, safety glasses, gloves, inclement weather gear, Personal Protective Equipment, work boots are a few common expenses in the industry.
  • Reserved Parking – This expense is sometimes overlooked. Parking expenses add up quickly. Take advantage of this expense and be sure to keep track. You might be surprised to see how much this adds up.

Remember, you have more control than you think when it comes to your tax expenses and their impact on your bottom line. The IRS requires that all business related expenses are reported when it comes time to have your return prepared. It is one of the few requirements in place that, by design, actually tips the tax scale in favor of the business owner. Be a model business owner, but more importantly, do not pay more than you have to!

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*See IRS Requirements for Pier Diem Qualification

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